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Top 7 Reasons That People Reluctant To Own Tesla Or Any Other EV In Malaysia.

Updated: May 26, 2020

Malaysia is the top 25th world ranking of Oil Production Country at 2016, it is one of Malaysia main source of income in which contributing 762,168.43 barrels of oil per day. One thing in Malaysia Petroleum price is relatively low comparing with non petroleum production country, with that many Malaysian adapt of using gasoline vehicle or mostly Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) instead Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).

There are 5 Reasons that Malaysian are afraid of EV.

Number #1 Range

With petrol, we can drive to any destination we wanted, even up to a long drive with no destination, as long as nearby having a petrol station, range panic will be ease from gasoline car. However, having an EV may worries you about unplanned trip, emergency and long distance travel fears because fearing the battery is insufficient to reach your destination.

Counter Measure : Select a larger battery sized EV if you're preparing to use it for long distance travelling, or frequent driving due to whatever reasons or your job's requirement. Keep a second gasoline car for long distances or long hours driving to ease your fear of owning an EV.

Number #2 Charging Infrastructure

Since Malaysia still under developing charging station by ChargEV, there are only around 300 charging points available in Malaysia. Of course if we thought about we only have 300 petrol stations to serve 30 million people in Malaysia, which is nearly impossible to do that and definitely we won't purchase an EV, how ridiculous is that right!

Counter Measure : Well you do have a socket a home right? And you do charge your phone every night to ensure you have full battery the next day before you go to work correct? Why not do the same to your EV. Yes of course it is slower if you just get the power directly from the socket. You can always purchase a wall box to get a level 2 charger at home if you're a heavy car user.

By the way, 500km (Tesla Model 3 Long Range) range good enough for daily use? And you don't need to go to petrol station for the rest of your life.

Click here to register at ChargEV to get your ChargEV card for level 2 charging or contact us for Level 2 Cable or buy Wall Charger for Tesla for faster charging.


More information you can visit their website here.

Number #3 Weather

In Malaysia we only have three seasons unlike other countries may have four seasons, hot, very hot, and very very hot! A lot of time when our appliances turned hot, we either off it or restart it. That's the whole point a computer or laptop constantly have a cooler fan, some gaming computers have more than 4 cooler fans. So what if our EV functions under Malaysia Hot Cursing Weather?! Counter Measure : Studies shows that cold temperatures can sap electric car batteries, temporarily reducing their range by more than 40% when interior heaters are used, a new study found. The study of five electric vehicles by AAA also found that high temperatures can cut into battery range, but not nearly as much as the cold. The AAA study found range fell 4 percent from EPA numbers at 35 degree Celsius.

Number #4 Road Condition

Yes yes we know Malaysia road condition (Left Picture) is not perfect, but it doesn't mean United States road condition (Right Picture) is perfect. You see the grass is not green at the other side.

Counter Measure : Drive accordingly as usual, don't speed during a bump and don't drive recklessly even no car in the highway or no way okay? All cars are the same, you drive it rough, you pay it rough to your maintenance.

Number #5 Battery Explosion

Above video showing a Battery Electric Vehicle (Tesla Model S) on fire due to unknown reason. Sh*t, what if we were inside the car when its on fire?

Any car, will explode with its reason.

Counter Measure : 2 videos above shows us every car have a risk, but is how low the risk of explosion it have. Which one is more flammable? Battery or Gasoline? Your Vote!

Number #6 No Confident Local Mechanic

I like this, how many Malaysia mechanics are well trained and you send your vehicle for repair only if you saw their certificate?

Counter Measure : Good news is EV don't need regular maintenance as EV only need to change the wear and tear from time to time like air conditioning filter and tyres. Since EV using regenerative brakes most of the time and you don't need to change it probably the entire lifespan of your EV depending on how you use it daily.

Number #7 Price

EV price normally high in Malaysia as Malaysia government did not give any subsidies on it. However high price comes with a lot of funs and easy to maintain.

Counter Measure : Nissan Leaf and BMW i3s are the lowest price EV comparing if you import a brand new one from UK.

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