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7 Things to Consider When Choose An Used Car

There are many things to consider when you purchase an used car because nobody wants to spend an amount of money or loan to purchase something unreliable, poor quality and etc. Below we will explain one by one of the importance of choosing an used car.


Your budget of an used car is very important for your first consideration. If you ain't looking for lower risk of resale value, probably you'll choose a new car instead. Your car size, year made, performance, maintenance costs all these will direct affecting your monthly installments nor your immediate cash purchase. So before you purchase, with that amount of money or loan you may have, what exact car you actually want you must decide it properly before you purchase it because a car is an asset which follow you for years.


If you're expert in finding out what's the car problem, probably you may walk in to any showroom to find out any model you may want. However, if you're not an expert, what should you do to find out the car condition like brakes, engine mounting, air conditioning, gear box, adsorber and etc? Find a trustworthy foreman to go with you to examine the car together to make sure all condition as stated and with the price as well.


Some car have high maintenance costs, some have low maintenance costs. But how do you know? Constantly find out with your foreman about spare part and prices especially comes to continental car, electric circuit things are always very costly and as for Hyundai/Kia in Malaysia all spare parts are expensive due to all import charges.

Engine and Chassis Number

Engine and Chassis Number of a car is very important to ensure the car you are going to buy is legally on the road else you will get yourself legal troubles.

Always Ask About Fees

A lot of times customer got cheated by the "Hidden Fees", all these are the marketing tactics to reel customers come to the showroom. Once car have been confirmed and here's some unethical salesman tactic hidden fees kick in. So make sure you ask everything properly and get an ethical and trustworthy salesperson.

Vehicle History Record

Always ask the used car dealer previous owner record and reason to sell the car whether it is accident, change of car due to whatever reason. You won't like to end up buying a vehicle with bad accident happened before so the condition will be very bad.

Car Warranty

Every purchase have its warranty, especially you purchased a car with a considerate amount of money.

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