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The Aftermath of Tax Free (June - August 2018)

Ever since the announcement of new government in Malaysia, it implemented the changes of new ruling and policies. One of them is changes from Goods Services Tax to Sales Services Tax. Throughout the period of the implementation, consumers in Malaysia within the period from June to August 2018 enjoy temporarily tax relief and that's including tax free from purchasing car.

During this period, its such big impact as usually ready availability stock cars, from no waiting period to the long queue for buying car. The moment you took to considering, the very next moment that the car is sold. That's how good the sales is, why? Consumer save a lot of money from the 6% tax free.

The aftermath suffered until today as for above a very good example one of our member Eric Wong finally get his customer an Perodua Axia 1.0 G Silver after about 2 months of waiting in which before this are readily available.

Yes consumers enjoy tax free during the 3 months and after these 3 months prices went back up but still slight lower than Goods Services Tax Time. It is just that a lot of customers now have to suffer the waiting period of certain brand and model.

So in the end, if you're hurry in using car, feel free to compare with other models availability as nowadays all prices and model specifications are very competitives. And if you would like to get some advises, don't hesitate to contact us or comment down below.

We wish you have a pleasant day ahead!