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Tesla Model 3, Musk made it $35,000 Possible.

A lot of Electric Vehicle (EV), in US receive a good amount of government subsidies. As for Tesla Model 3, finally it achieved $35,000 and after tax credits and gasoline savings the electric car will only cost U.S. buyers $24,950. Even so we're not US citizen, we also save a lot of money when we purchase the latest Model 3 with a lower price.

How Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla achieved $35,000? By cutting costs of its sales and marketing department, transforming from in house showroom into online shop, cutting out all the shop costs and workman force.

Next question will be asking is, will Malaysia's Future Automotive Industry will be run by online? You see nowadays a lot of Android / IOS Apps make purchasing process easier, a lot of our customers nowadays sending their documents for loan via WhatsApp or Emails.

Proton Malaysia also started online booking already, so it means that Malaysian started to breakthrough their stereotype on online purchase due to safety and security issues. I believe very soon in the near future, that online purchase any Vehicles are possible for Malaysia. Probably we are part of it as well.

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