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Paultan.org, CarSifu, AutoBuzz, Why CarAuto2u?

There are a lot of blog post about Malaysia Automotive Industry, but each of them focusing on different audience. For example Paultan.org, they are focusing on all types of automotive news, regardless from 2 wheels to a lot of wheels, motorcycle to trucks, gasoline engine to full electric vehicles, one thing Paultan.org is very expertise in terms of car driving, performance, and technical information of a vehicle. If you're very keen on all these elements, paultan.org is a very good blog for you to read the details.

As for us CarAuto2u, we're not keen on technical information of a vehicle but we are focus on user friendly information. From new vehicle launching, green technologies update, monthly promotions of all brand, price lists for all brand, used car corner, tinting offers, information on loan application and further more user friendly information available.

The Purpose of CarAuto2u is to :

1. Price information up to date for reference

2. Monthly Promotion up to date for reference

3. New Facelift or New Model Launching update

4. Information about purchasing and loan

All above are for customers and dealers have a clear understanding on each other roles and responsibilities. And customer will know the exact details on car that they are purchasing. Of course not as technical as Paultan.org as we mentioned earlier but however it is essential for the entire purchase process.

We have conducted a short survey, although participants not much in lowyat.net. The result below showed that majority customers prefer to purchase car in the showroom instead of online platform.

However there are also customer positive feedback on online platform.

All information above are based on customer experiences and opinions. And These are what CarAuto2u focus on and hope to get best support from you all.

Thank you very much for all the support from day 1. We hope to give out all the good information towards you all at all times.

Please comment down below and share with us your opinion about us or email direct @ carauto2u@gmail.com