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Not Enough Range For Electric Vehicle In Malaysia?

Hi guys, for those who still fear of buying Electric Vehicle (EV) in Malaysia, please read this article finish before you conclude everything. In order to provide environment sustainability, a lot of Automotive Maker already launching their own EV, coming up our third National Car Brand is going to prepare for this as well, are consumer ready to accept this? And before third National Car Brand announce, will you be an early adopter?

If you wish to be an early adopter or oversea model you can refer here to find out more details on oversea model and its performances.

Gasoline cars, often need to go refuel, that's why every here and there you'll see petrol station. Damn it, how about EV, we don't have much charging station in Malaysia and charging speed is very slow, why should we use EV, right?

Let me get it straight, your mobile phone charging speed not that fast either correct? it takes you more than a hour or 2 hour to charge from 0 to 100% battery normally (not to mention higher spec smart phone with faster charging speed, let's talk about average). Same goes to your EV, an average EV can go up to 200km the least even the cheapest model, average in town user less than 100km a day, so what is range fearing right? Of course if you're heavy user, get a higher range EV don't we?

Range fear, settled. Charging fear now, how many times you charge your phone when you're outside your office, your home, and on the go, none unless you use power bank. Car no battery is nearly impossible is like using your smart phone until 0 battery without charging it, same goes to your gasoline car without refuelling it. Benefits of EV you can charge it every night you come back, and full battery in the morning when you go run errands. At the same time, ChargEV provide us a lot of charging ports especially for working places and outstation R&R Stop with at least from 3.7kW, 7kW and 22kW for extra range while you take a rest, have a coffee/tea. You guys can find out more details for the charging stations in Malaysia at here.

What you may not know about EV

EV don't need services normally, you just need annual check up for battery capacity, wear and tear that's all. You'll save a lot from maintenance costs like engine oil, ATF oil, and many more components which is really costly. Initial costs may see EV is more expensive than gasoline cars, however in long run you'll get what you deserved. However most EV are more overpower than gasoline cars even though it is more heavier due to the battery weight.

Conclusion, be an early adopter if you have the finance capability, be a part of the environment saver. Good luck and God bless, Stay Home Stay Safe.


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