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Mudah.my, Carlist.my, Carousell.com Lowyat.net and CarAuto2u.com, Pros and Cons?

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Mudah.my founded since 2007 and have been very well known by Malaysian. Thanks to the platform that a lot of Malaysian gets their preloved item sold, new venture business sell their product through this online marketplace, and consumer can get the item with a valuable price. As for Car will be classified ads in Mudah.my, pros are customers can screen through all types of car like Used Car, New Car, Antique Car, and Imported Car (Recon). All above filled with details by each seller/dealer. However, you may also filtered for your favourite car brand, model, specifications, condition and etc. As a customer, you may compare prices and offers from a lot of different sellers. Cons are whoever in the earth can post advertisement in the website as long as you have a valid email and whatever content inside the advertisement is smokes and mirror which is just written by the seller so at the end of the day you need to walk in and find out, especially for used car and imported car. Too much sellers, too much competition, too much of everything lead to less quality in service or after sale service especially for new car.

Carlist.my founded by iCar Asia in the recent years. However due to heavily invested in marketing and advertising, it became very famous and top of the search when people looking for cars. Carlist.my the name itself doesn't make you doubt on them that they are very focus on Automotive Industry that when you click in and search for CARS only, nothing else. As usual pros are you can search all types of brand, model, specifications, condition, mileage and etc. You may also find out your loan interests, monthly installments, and your estimate insurance price. Cons are also very similar with mudah.my and also the loading speed when you use a general mobile devices and a normal internet speed.

Carousell.com founded at 2012 by Singaporean and also recently known by Malaysian. The platform is very similar with mudah.my which is a Malaysia version of web based marketplace. Pros you may visit each seller's profile and see the review of the seller so you could know the positiveness of a seller and you probably won't end up a scam and if you're a seller, you may post unlimited items without spending any cents and getting analytics about which ads are good performing so you know what item is hot sale. Cons are that there are lesser users compare with mudah.my and carlist.my so chances of your ads being view may be lesser if you're a seller and choices of car listed is definitely lesser as well. Of course at the end of the day there are rooms to grow for carousell.com maybe it will increase amount of users in the near future, maybe?

CarAuto2u.com founded 2016, used to be one stop solution for customer who drop by from purchasing until delivery. But today our vision is different, CarAuto2u is providing you user friendly latest car information and updates such as new model or facelift and etc related to automotive industry. Pros are focus on giving customer the one stop information centre from pricelist in a page, to one page promotion for all car brands (adding on more in the near future). No matter you are customer or dealer, all information here are readily available for you. Cons are that here have no seller or dealer to sell you any new or recon car. We have started only used car corner, for you to check out prices if lucky enough you can have a chance to get your best offer used car and that's all about it.

In conclusion, above all sites have its own pros and cons, as a user or buyer, which site you'll be considering while you making decision to purchase a car today? Feel free to share with us below or email us direct at carauto2u@gmail.com