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Marketing Activities Ideas

Marketing Activities :

1. Flyers

2. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc.)

3. Online Advertisement (Mudah.my, Carlist.my, Carousell and etc.)

4. Forums (Lowyat.net, Carigold, Majalah.com and etc.)

5. Roadshow

6. Hit and Run

7. Cold Calling

8. Secret Skill


Flyers are the most simplest and also cheapest way for marketing. It depends on how you're going to do with it. Ways of doing flyers can be:

1. Handling it hand to hand directly to people around the area.

2. Putting it into mailboxes of an office suites or shop lots or residential area.

3. Putting onto the car windscreen in a car park area.

4. Pay someone who distribute flyers to a certain area.

5. Pay local newspaper seller to slot your flyers into the newspaper.

Pros : Cheap costs and quick responses

Cons : Time Consuming if doing by your ownself

Alternatives : Banner or Bunting (make sure you get local approval else you get fined.)

Social Media

Social Media is also cheap to operate if you have a lot of friends and between friends and friends introductions. Normally you have to create an account or an business page especially for your business and get likes and followers or subscribers. Lists of social medias that are commonly used are Facebook.com, Twitter, Instagram and etc.

Pros : Cheap to operate, reach out market in specific area (if pay ads)

Cons : Time consuming and a lot of people is doing it lately because it is cheap

Alternatives : Word of Mouth and Instant Messenger like WhatsApp, WeChat or Line.

Online Advertisements

Online Advertisements are costly and a lot of competitors doing it all the time. By the time you post the ads, another competitors already posted more than you can. For example Mudah.my, Carlists.my, Carousell, Lazada.my and etc depending on what type of business you're doing and how much capital you willing to put in. Some of the advertisement like example mudah.my, if you would like to get noticed all the time you have a choice of selecting Featured Post by paying more.

Pros : Reach out Nationwide depending on the popularity of the sites you used

Cons : Very costly and competitive with others

Alternatives : Start up with cheap cost marketing strategies like Flyers and Forums before you have the capital to start Online Advertisements.


Forums are widely used due to no costs related but needed time to constantly update and keep in touch with the market. The longer you stay in a forum, the more popularity you have especially you stay active in your business industry. In Malaysia famous forums such as Lowyat.net, Carigold, Cari Forums and etcs. All these forums have a lot of users and a lot of categories can match with your business industry.

Pros : Free and able to reach out entire Malaysia and Niche in your business industry

Cons : Almost free and too much users and competitors same as online advertisements

Alternatives : Go to specific forums for your business industry especially for Automotive go for Motor Traders Forum.


Roadshow if provided by company, must a go place. Because these places normally in shopping malls or event places for people who really wanted to get the products and go to these places. For example people will go to buy computer in IT Fairs, people will go to get vacation packages in MATTA Fairs, and people will go to buy car in Motor Roadshow.

Pros : High Quality Customers and Potential Buyers

Cons : Very expensive to get in for a booth. A lot of people and you need a lot of staff to handle.

Alternatives : Flyers given around the car park area if permitted.

Hit and Run

Hit and Run is similar with roadshow but non paid to local authority nor events. This is especially for Automotive industry. Prepare your showroom Test Drive or Display unit, drive to a busy area, setting up your booth and prepared all flyers to get to the game.

Pros : A lot of traffic means a lot of chance to get potential customers

Cons : Chances of raining or fined by local authority or chased by local police.

Alternatives : If company sponsored, just do any roadshow provided and flyers whenever you're not in duty schedule.

Cold Calling

Cold Calling basically is a very basic thing to do if you're a start up business or a salesperson. It starts from opening a local business contact book like Yellow Pages, start calling from A-Z if you don't have a contact lists. If you're attached to a company, you may start cold calling from the company existing customer data so it would make your life easier.

Pros : Reach out wide market

Cons : Costly and time consuming and often got a lot rejections.

Alternatives : Starts from your own contacts, if call is hard and time consuming, try to use texts.


Secret is my secret marketing strategies but today I'm going to share with you. What is the most important thing in business? CUSTOMERS, yes customers are the most important thing in business, without them, you are unable to run any business or sales. How to get customers, this is the main objectives of all marketing strategies.

The secret starts from how you started your day. My style is I prepared a pen and paper, driving my car from point A to point B, I get all the contact numbers from shop lot signs, buntings, banners, Advertisement board and by any chance come our a phone number you copy and use it afterwards. This minimum can generate up to 100 leads/day, all are very potential customers depending on how you are going to manage it.

That's all for now, as for further more marketing strategies we will talk about it next time. For example, create your own websites, business email marketing and etc.