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Malaysia Public Transport VS Private Transport

When comes to transportation from point A to point B. Malaysian often choose to have their own transportation instead of using public transport. On the other hand in news or some articles written that more Malaysian are using public transport nowadays. Which one is the truth?

Well, today let's have a fair comparison between public transport and private transport.

The Nature of Usage

Some of our job scope require us to travel such as Sales Executive, Engineer, Directors, Drivers and etc. Unless you're in an office job such as Admin Executive, Customer Service Representative, Marketing Executive and etc. Other than job forces us to use private transport, for people who have family are the one must have their own transport for conveniences.

The Area of Service

What if you living in an area in which don't have perfect public transport infrastructure? What would you do? Walking to station in which miles away? Will you walk 5 miles to get a bus, bus ride 3 miles to get a train, train ride 10 miles and get a cab? We are talking about in Malaysia, a big country, not a small Singapore. How many times you need to change your public transport in order from Bangi to Kuala Lumpur City Centre for work?

The Time of Transport

Let's be honest, time is worth a lot more than money. From stations to stations, waiting period between public transports and weather disturbances. Well for private transport, you don't have to feel that way or experience that way. Okay some people would argue that public transport avoid traffic jams, how about buses and taxis?

The Costs of Transport

Let's say public transport for Train Fares, RM4.00/trip x 20 days x 2 ways (a month) RM160 a month + Bus Fares, RM3.00/trip x 20 days x 2 ways (a month) RM120 a month. With the fares only you can go up to RM280 a month and with this amount you can loan for a Perodua Axia 1.0 E Manual Full Loan. Fares that you paying for 9 years doesn't own you a vehicle but your monthly installments for your vehicles at the end belongs to you. You can see the math yourself.

In conclusion, yes there are still people will complaint that your Perodua Axia 1.0 E Manual no need to consume petrol? Just get back to them that your feet don't need energy to walk, your stomach no need food to be full?

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