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How to Pick Free Gifts for Car Buyer?

We as a sales advisor always wonder what type of free gifts can give to our customers to achieve customer satisfaction. On the other hand to minimize costs to close per sale.

In this topic we are going to discuss what type of gifts to pick for customer. Or I should say what gifts customer wanted. That's should be the way as nowadays Malaysia customers have their own demands for gifts. Let's breakdown at below.

Discounts + Extra Discounts

On top of the discounts given by the car brand itself, customer will ask for extra discounts. We as sales advisor often request from customer are "any extra discounts?", "I don't want free gifts, how much can you discount?", "I get this RMx,xxx from other dealership, how much can you offer?" and etc. All these are the common questions ask from customer.

Petrol (Full Tank)

As a customer ourselves we often felt anxious that the car going stop anytime when our car petrol is blinking. Especially when we pick up our new car, our expectation for the petrol is either half tank or full tank. And as a sales advisor ourselves as well, we often fill up petrol for customers for these cases.

Jump Start Cable

Normally most new car don't comes with jump start cable. So when emergency time comes, often as a car driver, we are always not prepared for "battery kong". So this jump start kit is very important as a gift for new car customers. If you have a budget, get your customer a battery operated jump start kit.

Tyre Repair Kit

A lot of time our tyre will accidentally puncture by nail or some sharp object in which caused our tyre to lose air pressure. Well prevention always a cure and this will make a customer remember your service even more.

Fire Extinguisher

Again, prevention always a cure. No one can predict what would happen especially when accident comes, this will come in handy. Nowadays fire extinguisher have a small 500ml to 1000ml size which is very easy to carry in the car compartment itself or 1 extra put in the car boot.

Dashboard Recorder

This gadget is very important, usually most oversea people fix one in their car to record all accidents (if happened touch wood), so you would have a record of what happened and proof for police reports for claiming insurance and etc usage.

USB Charger

Smartphone are commonly used nowadays for all people, no matter apple phone or android phone. Power bank always have accident for explosion, so charging in the car during the journey from point A to point B will be great for all drivers.

Smartphone Holder

Smartphone holder nowadays are very important tools especially people who are constantly using Google Map or Waze for finding locations. For customers who buy car for using as a GrabCar or UBER driver.

Always think about Safety and Daily usage tools for new car customers so that you could achieve a great customer services and return sales in the future. Good luck everyone in the Automotives Industry.