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How To Create A Valuable Website Helps You Earn Extra Money

Updated: May 28, 2020

I used to create an Automotive Website only for Sales, Marketing and Blogging Automotive News purposes. Considered I am experienced before I start up this blog category and letting you guys know about how a website can helps you earn extra money.

First you need to have an idea what type of businesses you are passionate at or what topic you are interested to talk about. These are very important because you need to start writing as soon as you start your own websites.

Disclaimer:Please note that this post includes affiliate links which provide a commission to me at no cost to you. However, the links are for the best software and tools you need to start a successful blog. For more information, you can read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

Don't you ever use free service as it would affect your traffic source due to the professionalism of using your own website and having its own domain. You don't go to a fast food chain without a signboard on it right?

I recommend you guys to use Bluehost for your first website as it is very easy for beginner startup like you and it is very cheap compare with Wix.com. With $7.99 a month with Bluehost and $8.50 a month with Wix.com. Here's my link to get you $3.95 - $5.95 a month for Bluehost, click here to sign up with this offer.

After you decide your topic and purpose of your website, signed up with Bluehost, next is to yes, start writing and then design your own website with the given templates for you to choose in Bluehost.

Making your own website can earn in several ways.

1. Google Adsense - All sort of advertisements are available in Google Adsense when you apply their auto ads codes into your website, Google Adsense will select the most suitable ads display at the most suitable locations in your websites.

With this you can generate income via pay per click and also per one thousand impressions. The math is very easy, the more traffic your website is, the more money your website will generate.

2. Affiliates - Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money from your website or blog. Depending on what topic your website or blog emphasize on, then you pick your own suitable affiliate company.

For example if you're doing a travel blog, your affiliate should be like Agoda Affiliate.

3. Sell Your Own Products - If you're creating an online clothing websites, you can sell your own clothing via your websites by setting up an online stores. Tools and apps all are readily in the Bluehost Wordpress.

4. Generate Leads For Other Companies - After a period of time you've started your websites or blog, you must have already generated some leads who sign up for your newsletter. These leads you can then sell it to certain company for extra cash. 5. Consulting (With Your Expertise) - Consulting can earn a lot of money when you use your expertise to consult customers who need your expert opinion on that particular industry.

For example if you are very good at eCommerce and SEO, you can use this to help B2B customers and they willing to pay you a good amount of money for consultation. Related Posts

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