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How to Choose Your Car (First Time Buyer)

In Malaysia Automotive Industry, there are a lot of brands available for customer to choose ranging from Proton, Perodua, Honda , Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Ford, Volkswagen, Subaru, Isuzu, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and etc. Other than brand, customers able to choose from New, Used, Reconditioned, and Imported cars. So how do we choose among all these options? Below are the characteristics of car you can choose from.


Budget are the main concern if you're the type of person who manage their finance pretty well and focus on savings and reduce costs. Recommendations usually go for used car, Perodua and Proton. Depending on the budget you set.


Size of the car are differentiate in segments, or we simplify in other way call "type" like Hatchback, Sedan, MPV, SUV and etc. What size and type you're looking for? Size will be chosen based on family size, daily usage, work purpose, products transportation and etc.

Fuel Consumptions

Fuel consumptions if a car is depending on the Engine Capacities, Engine Type and Electric. Engine Capacities as simple as the bigger the engine cc, the more the Horsepower, the more fuel consumption it is. Engine type such as standard fuel engine, turbocharged engine, Energy Efficient, Diesel, Gas and Hybrid. Electric car, I highly recommended it if you have budget because it is a great car, low maintenance (only wear and tear), stable car, and no petrol consumption, road tax super low just RM10.


If you are a performance-type of person, Horsepower indeed is one of your option. Some people may choose Horsepower due to their job requirement such as sales line or frequent travel line. Be very careful in choosing among engine capacities, turbocharged and diesel engine type. Each of them provide different Horsepower outcomes.


Often we heard "safety first", and Volvo is the best safety car by personal experience. There was once accident we flipped over opposite lane and the impact was so bad that the engine and bonnet part were gone but surprisingly the inner compartment left without a scratch. OK let's go on the topic, safety features comes with number of air bags, ABS, ESC, ASA, Pre Crash, Pre Collision, the material used to build the car body, tyre size, and etc. Frequent maintenance and check up on your car are very important for safety prevention as well.


If design the thing that you're choosing, the rest of the characteristics you can ignore. To be honest this characteristic is very shallow as a car buyer but definitely is up to your choice.

Other Features

In here we will talk about other car features normally in car brands they put it in specifications, low spec, mid spec and high spec. These are multimedia touchscreen, reverse camera, built in smart tag, security tinted film, memory seat, spare tyres, front parking sensor, disc/drum brakes, leather seat, foldable side mirrors, push start, Bluetooth and etc too much to mention over here.

Well above are the considerations for you before you pick-up your first car. My recommend is best that choose safety over everything based on the budget you have.

CarAuto2u wish you have a good day and if you have any inquiries please comment down below.