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How Automotive Industry Will Be During MCO Period And After...?

How would Automotive industry will be in coming months? Is it dealership giving a lot of discounts? Let's see the major brands...

Perodua : No discounts at all

Proton : Highest Proton Exora RM800 rebates

Honda : Highest Honda City and Honda CR-V RM3,000 rebates

Toyota : Highest Toyota Vios-J RM4,000 rebates

I can say except Proton, most of the dealerships are still offering the same discount structure before MCO period, even so, how much it can help with such low rebates. So, how likely consumer going to purchase car in coming months? And how Sales Advisors survive during this pandemic of Covid-19 with low basic salary?

Certain automotive industry leaders suggested that government should consider lowest down hire purchase interest rates, longer the tenure, easier for loan approval, extend moratorium for new application and etc. Are these helping consumer to purchase car in coming months? Comment down below and share with us your ideas how Automotive Industry can improve to help consumer to make purchase decision during economy recovering status.

Comes to Sales Advisors, how do they survive during this pandemic? As a sales advisor, cutting down their commission is suicidal decision but not cutting down is impossible to go against with overwhelming competition among sales advisors, so how? This timing for sales advisor can only tighten their belt, reduce expenses, work from home, finding other source of income to survive until the economy recover.

As a consumer, as a sales advisor and freelancer, comment down below and share with us your ideas, how to resurrect automotive industry and improve our economy?