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Gallery of Tesla Model X P100D in Malaysia

Hi guys, this is Tesla Model X P100D, full spec direct ordered from Tesla US. Previous price at RM1,080,000 for 2018 year New Condition.

Feel free have a look in our gallery and look at our video at https://youtu.be/kL_Umh5HZJw for more details on this car at our previous post.

Why are we strongly recommend Tesla Electric Vehicles because of its safety, longest travel range, and go green.

Few days ago, Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla Motor announced that price drop for all Tesla Models by lowering the costs of the Sales and Marketing department with "winding down" many of its stores and cutting sales force to cut the costs of manufacturing.

Well, yes it is clearly shows that Tesla is lowering down its price and suitable to many more buyers, by that please feel free to contact us for more information with comment down below and email us at carauto2u@gmail.com

Next question is, will Malaysia Automotive Industry follow the pace with Western Countries Automotive Industry by transforming buying process from traditional walk in sales into online sales? Please comment down below and share with us your opinions!