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Electric Vehicle That You Don't Know You Actually Can Get It In Malaysia

In Malaysia we are so used to petrol engine vehicles ever since the first car of our parents time. A lot of people may not accept Electric Vehicle yet as it is not commonly used in Malaysia. Why? Below are the reasons why Malaysian don't choose Electric Vehicles.

Out of Batteries / Can't Travel Long Distance

If you're out of petrol today, you may go to nearby petrol station to fuel up, but if you're out of battery, there's no power station to charge in Malaysia right? The answer is no, actually it is pretty easy to charge via your own plug in the house or anywhere. Besides that some malls car park have a special charger for Electric Vehicle but you have to be very lucky to get that parking. Lastly you can spend some money to fix a fast charger at home for convenience.


Do you know that an electric car don't have engine? It uses Electric Motor instead of a conventional engine. For Electric Motor, you will save a lot maintenance from traditional engine and gear oil change, oil filter, spark plugs, timing belt, brakes and etc. Normal routine yearly check up needed for top performance, tyres and suspensions. For Electric Vehicles, we all know all types of gadget's battery capacities will reduce as the usage of the gadget increasing, no doubt that Electric Vehicles battery capacities will reduce as well to around 80% after the car is around 300,000km

What Model Available? (In Malaysia)

1. Kia Soul EV 2018

Price : $33,950

Range : 177.6km

2. BMW i3 2018

Price : $44,450

Range : 182.2km

3. Nissan Leaf 2018

Price : $29,990

Range : 241.6km

4. Volkswagen E-Golf 2018

Price : $30,495

Range : 200km

5. Tesla Model X 2018

Price : $79,500

Range : 369.2km

6. Hyundai Ioniq EV 2018

Price : $29,500

Range : 198.2km

7. Tesla Model S 2018

Price : $74,500

Range : 414.4km

8. Chevrolet Bolt EV 2018

Price : $36,620

Range : 380.8km

Above all cars can be import in Malaysia, price will roughly 2.5 times from the price stated above due to taxes apply to the car. Waiting period around 6 to 10 weeks depending on the shipments.

If you wanted to order any cars above please feel free to contact us via whatsapp 0129209862 or email to carauto2u@gmail.com