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Electric Vehicle FAQs

Q. Where to service or repair the Electric Vehicle (EV)?

A. EV do not need to service as it has no engine or gearbox. The only thing that need to be service is the air conditioning and the wears and tears only. Minor repair will be conducting in our own service centre at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Petaling Jaya. On the other hand if you purchased a Tesla Unit in which under All Wheel Drive (AWD), you don't have to be worry if one of the motor malfunctioned as the other one can be working fine.

Q. Factory Defects cover by who?

A. Factory defects covered by the company itself. For example Tesla given warranty 4 years or 50,000 miles. For battery is 8 years warranty 100,000 miles to 120,000 miles.

Q. Life Expectancy of an EV?

A. Estimated 1,000,000 miles

Q. Cost per mile for EV?

A. According to your own electric bill and estimated 6.8 cents per mile and 0 cent if you charge your EV outside available EV parking lot for example KLCC car park.

Q. Performance wise compare to conventional Petrol/Diesel Vehicle?

A. Electric Drives are more powerful comparing with Petrol/Diesel Vehicle. From 0 to 60 miles in less than 6 seconds depending on what model you're looking at. However, conventional engine loses their power when the heat of the engine goes up.


A. We strongly recommend TESLA because of the safety of the car, performance, and the autopilot TESLA offered will achieved full safety for the passengers. Please have a look at this video and you'll understand the function of the autopilot.

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