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Code of Ethics : Sales Advisor

Code of Ethics by definition is a guide of principles designed to help professionals conduct business honestly and with integrity.

As a sales advisor, we did what we promised initially before the deal was close. This is very important as to keep customer satisfaction and yet forming a trust and respect relationship in the future.

By practicing code of ethics. these are the things that you need to keep up properly.

1. Discounts / Offers given by Official Offers

2. Discounts / Offers promised by you

3. Ensure Vehicle delivery in clean and neat status

4. Never Misused Customer's New Vehicle for Self Interests

5. Never Delayed Delivery, if you do, must inform and appropriate reason

Bear in mind that, is either one time business or long term business. This is code of ethics as a Malaysia Car Sales Advisor.

Please comment down below if you have anything extra want to add in or discuss.


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