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Code of Ethics : Customers

Hi guys, in this article we are going to talk about car buyers ethics. As in automotive industry for this long, we have encountered numerous of customers and some of them have bad in ethics. Let us see why customer ourselves have to have ethics.

Initial before you purchase a car today, you may have tons of research or survey on price, offers and etc. Some of us will just proceed to showroom and see a salesperson to explain further on the car model we are keen on. As usual normal conversation and then talk about car, specs, discounts and etc. Next thing we are going to ask, so what's the free gifts or extra discounts, correct?

As a Malaysian buyer, free gifts definitely we are expected it but not too over on it. Why? Because salesperson is depending on their commission to survive in this industry. For example, buying a Perodua Axia expecting a small gifts of petrol, steering lock and umbrella are pretty normal. But there are people who expected you to discount up to RM1000 extra or more. As a customer, as a worker, if today your boss ask you to reduce your salary from RM2000, to RM1000 due to electricity price up, would you okay with your boss?

We are customer and we are the boss for the salesperson because we are paying their rice bowl, so give them a break sometimes and request some gifts enough not overly until you want them to work everything but in the end don't give them anything.

Of course all these are very important at the very beginning of the purchasing stage as this is a verbal agreement between salesperson and customer, and if the salesperson would agree on what you expect them to discounts for you. Go ahead, but ask yourself in the end, if you were in the salesperson shoes, what do you think about this customer and will you like to be this type of person.

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