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Best 5 Ways To Make Money With Car

Updated: May 20, 2020

People always say that Car is actually a liability not an asset, is a depreciate value item. Well, let's prove them wrong with this article ok? Most of the people whom just starting out their life, applying loan for their first car and trying to make it in their life, as usual right? People will ask you, choose national car first, Proton or Perodua, first car don't buy so expensive later maintenance cannot pay, installment cannot pay then the car have to tow away. Okay let me tell you, that's not true. Some of my customer previously actually bought Honda City/Jazz or Toyota Vios/Yaris as their first car, some even go for Honda Civic. Wait, fresh graduate and first car, so easily to get loan? Yes and No. Yes because they have high salary, professional position or they do have high down payment. No because basic salary cannot achieved the minimum requirement for hire purchase loan, still have chance, go for Aeon credit service or Berjaya Chailease credit. Difference between bank and credit finance are interest rates.

How about no down payment, can I still loan for a car? Yes, legit way, go for Bank Rakyat (Condition must be permanent staff more than 6 months and minimum net salary RM2,000 and above) and Bank Islam Graduate Scheme (Condition must be minimum Diploma holder with driving license).

How about non legit way? Yes yes I will let you know exactly how to get with other banking and credit finance, just ask your Sales Advisor mark up accessories and bodykit to make the car expensive and loan high amount.

Ok we are finished on how to get the car, even hire purchase loan. Let's get back to business.

This article we are going to tell you how you going to make extra money with your car, reduce your monthly installments (if your car still under loan), making your car an asset instead of liability.

1. Kwikcar, if you do have a spare car or if you changed a mobile job into office job and you didn't need to use your car, why not rent it out for extra cash? Let's check it out in their websites how much you actually can rent for your car. All the amount shown are before fees applied. Like, how good it actually reduce your monthly commitment or possible free installment and you can get extra money every month!

2. Advertise with Moola, advertise today with your car and earn extra cash while struggling in the traffic for everyday going to the office and back from the office. Though it may not be enough to cover your own car installment, but why not for extra money right?

3. Be a Grab Driver, looking for part-time or full-time job might be tough especially if you are the type of person hate to sit in the office. Great opportunity to join as a Grab driver. Most of my customer who bought car from us do earn minimum RM2,500 and above based of Grab fares only not including incentives.

Grab also offers for driver who don't have car to rent car from Grab themselves for only RM50/day. However not only you earn from Grab fares and incentives, as if you do have friends would like to join Grab like you, just ask them sign up with your ic number and you will get up to RM250 referral bonus, terms and condition can see here. 4. Deliver Item, tired to deal with people in your car, let's make it simple by dealing with item instead. You can either join Ninja Van, pickupp, and GrabExpress. If you do a lot of trips a day, you make quite good earning actually.

5. Deliver Food, tired to deal with both people and item. Deal with food then, food lovers sure take this into good job and good smell. Join Grab Food deliveries via car today and earn a lot different bonuses from Grab. Any more ideas to share, please comment down below and let everyone knows.

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