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Best 5 Legit Paid Surveys In Malaysia

Updated: May 10, 2020

Answering Surveys and get paid may be not a common thing in Malaysia, but it is legit and indeed they do pay to your bank accounts or at least Paypal. I have been started my survey journey since early of this year and average I can make from these 5 survey companies are about RM150 a month. Still very new thing for me at the beginning so I started up slow and signing up one after one slow. So because of this reason and also I searching all paid survey website by myself so that my earning kinda slow beginning until now getting better in times. You'll initially feel frustrated if you're rejected by certain surveys due to their conditions. Not all survey can get paid unless we able to finish the entire survey. Certain survey paying you $0.35 per survey and some up to $1.16 per survey depending on each survey company. Let's find out down there how each survey website reward you by signing up, answering survey and referring rewards. 1. Vase - Upon sign up, you can get RM1.00 (1,000 Vase Point) immediately and transfer to your bank account right after the first survey has been filled up. After you finish your first introductory survey, you can either wait for your survey update via e-mails or refer Vase to your friends and others to get more Vase Point (First 5 person for 1,000 Points and subsequently 200 Points each). Minimum redemption points are 3,000 points but for the first time you can redeem it with 1,000 points for RM1.00. You can sign up Vase at here.

2. ySense initially when you signing up, you already started to earn $0.05 for your own account after you fill up your details. ySense has a lot of surveys for you to choose and all surveys show the expected time consuming and amount of money they pay you once you completed the survey. You can redeem the money as soon as you achieve $10.00 ito your Paypal account. You can sign up now with my link here and you can refer your friends to join with you, immediately you can earn between $0.10 to $0.30 and you get extra commissions the more people you refer to. Email me direct if you have to know more information.

3. YouGov is another legit paid surveys, upon sign up with 2 simple survey fill up, you can get 150 points altogether. For YouGov points, you can redeem either RM60 mobile credits, 2500 AirAsia Big points, UNICEF Donation or RM70 Palpay for just 5000 points. If you guys are looking for cash, redeem under Paypal and then get your money from Paypal directly after the RM70 credited into your Paypal account. In addition, you can refer to your friends and others to join you in YouGov and you'll be rewarded with 200 points after your referrals completed 6 surveys. You can sign up YouGov at here.

4. MOBROG is a pretty straightforward paid survey website. After you sign up, fill up all the details in your profile so MOBROG can pick a potential survey for you to fill up and get at least USD 0.35 up to USD 0.95 per survey (so far USD 0.95 is the highest I could get). Each time whenever a survey available, MOBROG will notify you with email, sometimes you can also click on the link given in the "Start/Surveys" column to search for more survey opportunities.

You can invite your friends to MOBROG now and receive USD 1.00 (after they completed 3 surveys) for every active member invited by you. Redemption can be done when you achieved USD 6.25 and wire to your bank account. You can now sign up MOBROG at here.

5. Swagbucks is another legit survey which pay you with USD. It is more like a multifunctions sites which you can earn money from it for example surveys, games, buy things online and even use it as a search engine. You'll be reward with SB and then redeem it later with cash under Paypal. Minimum redemption for cash is USD 25.00.

Guys, you can click the link I given you here to earn extra USD 3.00 upon sign up and get 300 SB within 30 days and the extra 300 SB will be credited to your account the next day you qualified the first 300 SB. You can sign up now with Swagbucks at here for extra USD 3.00 today!.

6. Toluna is a new survey website that I found out recently. You can redeem the points to get either AirAsia BIG Loyalty (250 AirAsia BIG Points for 11,000 points), PayPal a.k.a. cash (RM20 for 16320 points), Aeon and Giant Shopping Voucher (RM20 for 16,800 points). Use my link here and get 500 points upon sign up. And many more to come...

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