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Best 101 Ways To Earn Extra Money in 2020

Updated: May 28, 2020

Starting a side business can actually bring you in a lot of extra money, as if we able to start it the right way with the right tool and the right time. Maybe eventually it will become your full time career, I mean, who knows right? I will list you the ideas below and see if can help you find out what is your calling.

Disclaimer:Please note that this post includes affiliate links which provide a commission to me at no cost to you. However, the links are for the best software and tools you need to start a successful blog. For more information, you can read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

Start a side business

1. Start a blog - Blogging is the most easiest to start up with the lowest cost you need to start up. You can start creating your blog and you guys can find out how a blog can help you earn extra here. Here's my link to get you $3.95 - $5.95 a month for Bluehost, click here to sign up with this offer. You guys will get this cheaper compare with wix.com which cost you more than $12.50 a month. Or alternatively you prefer more customization you can use Wix directly to create your website.

2. Grass cutting - Whenever around you is a big landed residential area, you can start up this business at no time with the capital of purchase a lawn mower and a grass cutter machine. If you want to learn how to earn extra money, you can make money by extra services such as killing/removing weeds, cleaning gutters, raking leaves, and so on.

3. Housesitting - Feel free to google housesitting and you'll find out that a lot of people actually looking for house sitters to help them out taking care their house, apartment, even luxury bungalow and their pets. For your information that you may not always get paid, but you do get a nice place to stay in for a nice vacation spot. However in a lot cases, you do get paid by watching the house, watering the plants, taking care the pets and so on.

4. Pet Sitting / Pet Hotel - If you do love animals, pet sitting or you can offer people convenience letting their pet stay with you while the owners go out of town.

5. Pets training - If you are very good at training pets, maybe this could be a very good extra income for you. You can help pet owner train their pets on how to behave better, do tricks, and respond to the owner.

6. Pets Grooming - If you're skillful in grooming pet, this can be a good income compare to cutting people's hair. And if you are very good at it, probably you can style and groom the pet for pet show. Who knows when your grooming win the prize, chances you will bloom your business beautifully.

7. Paid Surveys - Surveys that I personally tried and recommend to you guys are Vase, ySense, YouGov, MOBROG, Toluna and Swagbucks. All are free sign up without need to pay a fees. You guys don't have to worry about above paid surveys because I have tested myself personally and just read on my Best 5 Legit Paid Surveys In Malaysia to get further information.

8. Become a Grab driver - with the spare time you have, instead of driving around yourself you can actually drive people to their destination and earn a fares. Now even if you don't have a car, you don't have to worry as Grab offers customer to rent a car from them and run this side income.

9. Babysitting - In this modern age of 2020, a lot of parents in this era are both working to create more comfortable lifestyle for their family. This does create an opportunity for babysitting and daycare center. The average salary for a Babysitter/Nanny is RM1,715 per month in Malaysia or higher if you're lucky for this extra income.

10. Taking care elderly - same goes to babysitting, but this is to take care people's parent in case when they're working, out of town or travelling. Taking care elderly is similar with baby just that sometimes if their health need extra care, you might needed to provide that service as well.

11. Handyman - If you are good at fixing stuff at home, then this way may help you earn some extra. Put your skills to use today! You can easily find clients around your neighbourhood.

12. Cleaning homes - Part-time cleaners are quite famous in Malaysia, you can actually earn extra income from here if you have the free time and like to clean and declutter things. You can easily find clients around your neighbourhood.

13. Move furniture - Manpower is always needed when moving house especially at the new development areas. Movers can either earn hourly or per day with a good rate. Certain people pay up to RM500 per day. People who likes to lift weight can actually earn extra from here instead of spending in gym.

14. Photographing - Taking pictures can be a hobby, interest and also a career if you know how to market yourself. Of course not anybody can just take up this job, it requires both talent and skill. At the end of the day, your passion earn you extra money and you are able to make money as a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, event photographer, and more.

15. Teach a skill - Any skills that you know you can actually teach people to earn extra money. For example you are good at music instruments like piano, violin and etc; personal training, surfing, swimming, gardening, microsoft and many more.

16. Teaching a subject - If you are good at language, mathematics, sciences and many more, you can actually make extra money by teaching people. Especially Malaysian always put their kids to tuition centre to catch up their school work, with this reason a lot people would like to have home tuition as well and this will be your opportunity to learn extra.

17. Window cleaning - A lot of business premises and developers out there outsource their window cleaning and this can be the way of making extra money. This work can be very easily execute when you have the right tools and have enough manpower. You can actually count how many tall building offices out there and there goes the opportunities.

18. Car wash/Car detailing - Car wash is actually a very good cash flow side business. If you open at the right location and having your regular customers, you business will bloom very fast. It is a very competitive side income but at the end of the day business success comes with your relationship with customer and offers that you give.

19. Create balloon animals - If you are good at balloon making, animals, sword, flowers depending on your creativity. This can be your extra side income. Do you still remember that fun fairs, events, shopping malls have a clown who making balloon and gives to every kids. Yes, and with that skills you can bring yourself extra money.

20. Paint homes - Do you like painting houses and decorating? If you do you can earn extra by painting people's house. Since all paints are provided by the owner, you just need the tools to paint it (some owners do prepare tools for you too just need your manpower and paint nicely).

21. Burger stand - Who doesn't know Ramly burgers at the roadside in Malaysia? There are burgers, oblong burgers, roti john and many types of burgers creatively invented by Malaysian. The famous burger stand can actually earn up to RM3,000 a day revenue.

22. Hotdog stand - Hotdog, American favourites. By far right now Malaysian famous at corn dog or cheesy corn dog. Who knows it gonna be a big hit when you have invented something else right? Especially a good unique sauce.

23. Roadside stall - Apply your license at your local council and you can start to sell whatever you like. Malaysian most hot sell, Nasi Lemak, fried banana and many more. It can be anything from water to food and with your secret recipe to make extra money from it.

24. Food truck - Same goes to roadside stall, this food truck you need to apply "license bergerak" with the local council and start selling your food at your permitted areas. Advantage of food truck you can change your location anytime until you found a hot spot.

25. Mobile office - If you have enough capital, or finance from bank, you can customise your own mobile office to tally with your business. For example for side income wise, you can invest in a mobile advertisement truck and all you need to do is get license from the relevant government sector and wait for your client calls.

26. Joint venture with Foodpanda - When you love to cook for people, why not making it as extra income. You don't have to open a restaurant, set up roadside stall nor invest in a food truck, just taking orders from foodpanda and cook at your premise will do. Foodpanda and their rider will do everything for you.

27. Direct selling - Direct selling is a platform allow you to sell products without keeping inventory and recruiting people to earn money, in order to earn extra money you can build a team to sell products and recruiting more people together just like how any networking businesses earn. A reliable direct selling company is the key to success as a lot of direct selling scammers out there.

28. Insurance agent - Selling health and general insurance can earn a lot of money if you able to get a lot of big clients. Similar to direct selling you need to recruit people to join you and sell together so that the bigger the sales your network made, the more money you make.

29. Property agent/Real estate negotiator - Selling property seems to be the highest commission earned among all sales job, property agent can be your side income because you don't see your customer everyday just like insurance agent and direct selling. However property agent don't just earn from selling property itself but gaining commission by promoting general/life insurance for the house their client purchased, legal fees commission and referral fees from bank mortgage.

30. Advertise with your car - Driving everyday to work and elsewhere? Do you know that you can advertise with your car and earn extra money every month? Join Moola and you'll know further how you can earn from driving out everyday.

31. Dropship - Dropshipping getting famous nowadays as you don't need to have a huge capital to start it. All you need is just to find a supplier who can provide you the stocks to sell and then you need to do is to find customers, that's all.

32. Youtuber - Love to make videos, maybe you can upload your favourite videos and earn extra from Youtube. The minimum requirement for YouTube to accept you as a partner which are 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours from viewers watching your videos. Your money earn by how many views your video has, so start google ideas today and see what you can do!

Part-Time Jobs

33. Work extra hours - You can work as cashier, supervisor, store, janitor and etc with more than a thousand jobs are available every now and then for you to earn extra from shopping malls, mini market, hypermarkets and etc. When you need to earn extra money from part time, these are available anytime.

34. Bartend - Good if you have a bartending experience, but never late to start it tho because everyone start from zero to become somebody one day. You can easily find a bartender job at a bar, a club, a restaurant, and more. Since the hours for bartender are late night and during the weekends, you will find a bartending job that can work along with your schedule.

35. Work at restaurant - You can be chef, sous chef, preparation chef, bus boy, host, waiter/waitress, cleaner and etc to earn extra money.

36. Substitute teacher - If you like to teach, you can start from a substitute teaching part time and one day probably full time teaching to earn extra money. With the level of knowledge and skills you have one day you can open your own tuition centre as well.

37. Work at hotel - Hotels are always short of staff as the turnover is high especially luxury hotel. My spouse was working at the hotel before and other than earning extra from the wages, you can often get tips from your customers from time to time to get even more money. P/S : My spouse used to work at five stars hotel and the tips they get usually RM100 and above.

38. Tour guide - One of my university friend back then he work at a tour guide part time while he is looking for a full time job. However once he adapt to this job he didn't go back to find any office job as he get paid very well. As a tour guide you need to know the geographic of the place, history of the place and also the best vacation spots. He earned roughly RM3,000 to RM8,000 per trip and guess what, you get a free trip as well by talking.

39. Work at retail - Retail always looking for part time workers, from cleaner to sales assistant. You can earn extra by working retail at your free time.

40. Lifeguard - If you're good at swimming, you can find this job at any hotel with swimming pool, public swimming pool, water park and beach places.

41. Referee of sports event - If your local country running a lot of sports event, you can actually finding part time referee job and earn extra money since you don't need special skills from this job but the rules of the game only.

42. Deliver items - MrSpeedy, S.O.S. Express, Ninja Van and etc always looking for extra hands to deliver items at odd timing. You can earn extra money from there if you have a motorcycle.

43. Deliver food - Foodpanda and Grabfood always in demand especially during festive seasons and now pandemic coronavirus that no people wants to go out. Riders may be one of the job available if your job force to stop temporarily.

44. Deliver newspaper - Delivering newspaper you need to wake up extremely early to gather all the papers and send to subscriber's house, it is not a hard job to earn extra money and you can enjoy all fresh air by yourself early in the morning without a traffic jam.

45. Help in the farm - Farming is not an easy job, but if you can endure hard labour, this is an extra money for you as farm always need an extra hand to help out in farming and harvesting.

46. Do chores for others - Not all people enjoying doing house chores and become someone's assistant, so this create an opportunity for you to earn extra money by helping people to complete their chores like cleaning the house, taking care their laundry, cleaning up their pets, pick up their garbages, answering phone calls and etc.

47. Data Entry - Many companies hiring people to complete their data entries from scanned documents to excel files or microsoft word files.

48. Help out with disables - Similar with babysit and taking care elderly, but people with disabilities need more extra cares and for their needs. This job you need to help a person shop for groceries, their meals, and you might help them with their homework, help them find a job, and so on. Something like a volunteer job but you get paid from it.

49. Part time writer - This job you must love to write, you can actually work part time for big blogger to write articles which you can earn a lot money from it but before you able to earn that much you need to start to write for yourself and when people start to recognize your articles, you can negotiate your price. You can start writing at Cari.com and get paid every 1000 page views from RM1.50 per 1000 page views to RM2.80 per 1000 page views.

50. Financial advisor - If you like financial products like investment, mutual funds, stocks and share market, you can earn extra money by doing this part timely. For example Public Mutual hiring part time or freelance financial advisor.

51. Work in horse ranch - Horse lovers, you can join part time taking care of them and earn extra money. It is my kids' dreams to get near with the horses and wanting to petting them, one day who knows right?

Make Extra Money Online

52. Help others to refurnish their resume - Normally people just submit their qualifications in the jobs website and just let it to create the resume for them. If you're smart in furnish resume, this could help you earn a lot extra money by doing so since everyday people are looking for a job, a better resume could help them getting better offer in terms of pay and position.

53. Articles Editor - Whether is book, articles or blog, all of them need editor very badly because common mistake like grammars and vocabulary even spelling are inevitable. If you're very good at proofreading, very good at grammars, go ahead this job is your best shot!

54. Social media assistant - If you like to talk to people, sharing content, pictures and videos, well this is a very good online job for you to earn extra money at. Of course this job is not as easy as one two three but you need strategies and catching good timing to post stuff online.

55. Build websites for others - Being very good at computer skills, programming and designing can be very good at creating website for personal or company use. The earnings are actually very high, for example a very simple website could cost user about RM1,500 to RM3,000 however a complex website could cost up to RM10,000 for one time payment without calculating monthly maintenance. Like Bluehost you only need $5.95 a month to run a website together with a domain, you can see how much you could earn from it.

56. Posting Social Media - Post on social medias could significantly increase your income by linking to a lot of affiliate programs, especially if you're a very good influencer in purchase decision. No matter what type of affiliates, try to get as much as possible and post it on your social media as long as your affiliate helps your contacts and suitable for them, you'll earn great money here.

57. Posting on Instagram - Instagram is not just a place to post your thoughts, photos and etc about your life. Do you know that if you have tons of followers, some company will actually approach you for sponsor posts and pay you a big amount of money depending on how large your followers are.

58. Write for others - If you have very good writing skills, a lot company actually approach you to write for them for a lot of money for an articles and charge per words. Of course no one will be that experienced if they didn't go through anything right? You can start your own blog first or write at people's website like cari.com as they are seriously looking for people (content warrior) to write content for them.

59. Moderate forum - Some forums will pay you to moderate their message boards and manage the online community inside the forum. If you always visit a certain forum, maybe you can ask them for a moderator job.

60. Testing websites - You will like this job if you like to explore websites and find out any errors. Some people actually pay you to test a website around $10 to $15 a website. You don't need to be a very techie person to test a website, they just looking for a normal user to test and review it.

61. Testing video games - You can now earn money by testing a game online. A developer usually source to third party website to hire beta tester for every video games developed because the developer don't ant to post a video game and get tons of negative feedbacks. You can earn minimum $10 per test on the low end or as high as $100+ per hour. You can try from these companies if you want to register as a tester Nintendo, Game Testers, Gaming Jobs Online and Bananatic.

62. Testing Apps - Similar to testing video games online, you test mobile apps and get paid. Companies like App Coiner and 99tests (software testing).

63. Virtual Assistant - Virtual assistant provides variety of services to businesses from a remote location. There are a lot of things that virtual assistants can do like social media management, event management, managing calendars, managing appointments, read and reply emails. You can find a good pay from business owner depending on how you negotiate with them and the amount of workload you do.

Sell Your Stuff To Make Money

64. Sell at Mudah.my - Mudah.my is a marketplace where people can sell their stuff there online with their pre-existing customers platform. Whether stationeries, clothes, books, key chains, cars, houses and many more, you can just post there and sell your products from free to chargeable.

65. Sell at eBay - similar to Mudah.my, selling at eBay actually open your market to foreign country and you able to earn a lot more money compare to selling in local market. For example you actually can sell local Malaysia products to foreign countries at a higher price.

66. Sell at Lazada - Selling at Lazada actually very easy, you just need to sign up as a seller and post your products. Good things are Lazada already have their regular customers and it is a good platform for new entrepreneurs to market their products and build their customer base. Another good thing is you save your delivery fees because customer pay it instead of you paying it.

67. Sell at Shopee - Similarly selling at Lazada just that Shopee have another regular customer base. You don't need to worry about customers as these companies constant advertise to get their brand awareness, all you need is to post your products and sell to earn your extra money.

68. Sell at Carousell - Similar to Lazada and Shopee but Carousell started more like a social media style of selling. People can view your profile, reviews before they buy from you and Carousell also have their own unique customer base.

69. Sell your unwanted item to cash converter - Having a lot of junk or vintage in the house but unable to sell it elsewhere? Cash converter normally will purchase almost everything from junk to antiques. While you decluttering your house, things to throw instead you can make extra money from there.

70. Sell your old books - Last time after my university time, I sold my old books immediately to my junior before the syllabus change for extra pocket money.

71. Sell your art and craft - If you're a creative person who likes to turn junks to art and craft, this is a good way to sell your unique items and make extra money from it.

72. Sell Food - Some people do enjoy cooking, and if you cook a lot and people like your food, you can sell your food of course. Some of my staff back then when I was in Automotive industry they actually part time selling food and posting on their social media. Cash on delivery is normally what they do, all they need is collect orders and delivery to their nearby offices and houses.

73. Sell your plasma/blood/sperms/eggs - Many people not aware that actually you can sell your blood, sperms or eggs to help people and also get extra cash with this win-in situation. Probably you start google now whether how to sell it for extra money.

Make Extra Money From Your Job

74. Ask for raise - Ever ask for a raise in your company whenever your workload increase or you have worked for more than a year? Since you've been working the same hours, with this effort of asking you can actually get extra pay, why not?

75. Ask for promotion - If raise wasn't given, ask for a promotion to rank up your work and your salary. Otherwise change department to get high pay as well.

76. Work overtime - Another way of earning extra from your job is to work overtime, if your company do pay for overtime. Last time when I used to work in a call center, I worked overtime for 1.5 times pay and public holiday for 2.0 times pay as well as it comes with incentive and lunch allowance.

77. Earn bonuses - Some company pay quarterly bonus and some pay annually. Depending on what industry you work as, as if you're in sales line, you can earn tons of bonuses if the company allows the room to grow from it. Once I heard our partner banker receive 28 months salary of performance bonus, how about yours?

78. Job Hop - The same job you're working for more than five years but the company still never raise your pay. Why not search for the same job, same industry but a different company that willing to pay you extra?

Earn Extra Money By Renting Items/Space

79. Rent your garage space - People actually will pay you to rent them your extra garage space. Some people just may not have extra space for their classic car, so they will pay you good to put their beloved car at your garage space. Have you heard a lot incidents that car owners lost their tyres overnight?

80. Rent your parking lot - Staying in an apartment with 2 free parking lots but you only have 1 car. RENT it out! You don't need that space but a lot cars outside needed it badly and you can earn extra pocket money every month.

81. Rent an extra room in your house - If you do have extra room in your house, maybe you can rent it out for extra money instead of clutter it with junks. Rent it out today, with speedhome, you can post your property for free. Use my link to rent out your property today and get RM100 extra for referral commission.

82. Rent your extra house - Still staying at your parents' house or rent house while waiting for the contract ends or even wait for your marriage only move in. Rent it out today, with speedhome, you can post your property for free. Use my link to rent out your property today and get RM100 extra for referral commission.

83. Rent your textbook - If you're still studying, chances are you can rent your textbook to your friends for extra bucks for your pocket money as we all know textbook are expensive to owned it.

84. Rent out your extra car - Not driving your car for very long, why not rent it out for extra money every day, week, even month? There are companies who can take your car and rent to their customers with a fees.

85. Rent out advertising space outside your house - A lot of property agent / real estate negotiator always looking for ways to put out their contacts as advertisement, if you would like to, you can actually let them put banner outside your house for extra money every month.

86. Rent wedding decorations and furniture - Like to collect antiques, furnitures and oil painting? Maybe you can rent out for people who do events like wedding ceremony who needs that. Some wedding theme like fairy theme would like to have some antique furniture to match with it.

87. Rent a photo booth - If you have a photo booth with a lot of background wallpaper, you can rent it out for a great money. Events, parties and weddings are always need of photo booth to take pictures of their special moments.

Miscellaneous ways to earn easy money

88. Make desserts - Good at baking? You can bake goods for party, wedding, baby shower, school birthdays, anniversary and etc. One of the most famous and money earning is making special dessert that outside don't really do and you sell it at a good price for other people. All you need is a good marketing.

89. Be an extra in movie or TV show - Ever come across a shooting event that filmed near to you? You can either be an extra in the event and get extra money from it. You just don't need to do much by just being there in the movie or TV show.

90. Invest - Of course there is no guarantee in investment, however you can always start from low risks like mutual funds, and then from low risks, study more on the financial product like shares and stock market, and then go for better investments. Start from low earnings and then slowly climb up as you learnt.

91. Fixed Deposits - Instead of investment, you can put your money into fixed deposit (FD) and get up to 4% interest rates in return with zero risks.

92. Take part in focus group studies - Certain focus group studies do pay you one session $100 to $150. You just need to register yourself in and wait for the invitation for the studies.

93. Take part in medical studies - If your place do run a medical studies or medical trial, you can easily earn more than thousands of ringgit for it. All you need to do is just stay overnight for several days and draw some blood from your body for testing. The money is well worth if you are not afraid of needles.

94. Create graphics - Do you like to draw things or design logo? You can create graphics and sell it at a very high price. It takes talents and passion in doing this and this may dramatically increase your earnings.

95. Sell photos - Like to take pictures? You can sell your photos online from just a simple photos like coins. Company like shuttershock can post your photos online for people to bid and purchase it. Consider it a hobby and extra income.

96. Enter contest and earn giveaway - One of my client back then won a Mercedes-Benz A class in Maybank transfer contest with DuitNow. She then sold the Mercedes-Benz to a dealer for RM180,000 cash. Lucky money?

97. Recycle - When I was young my parents always ask me to collect soft drink cans to recycle and sell it to the recycle place. It actually get quite good pricefor it with some efforts(dumpster diving and restaurant asking).

98. Mystery Shopper - A lot of companies actually hiring mystery shoppers to analyze how its showroom or retail shop performance. You can actually get good pay for per visit.

99. Flipping - For flipping simply you buy an item at a low price and then reconditioned it and sell it at a higher price. For example you bought an old sofa for RM50, you recondition it and sell it at RM450. It needs skill and talent to do this job and of course your creative ideas.

100. Receive bonuses or rebates from your credit cards - Credit cards if you know how to use it you earn money, as if you don't know how to use it, you get yourself a lot of debts. Certain products or shop offer discounts for an item, you can then sell it at the original price. You can offer a person fuel pump with your card, you get paid by their cash and you get your 5% rebates (depending on your credit card terms).

101. Use E-Wallet / TnG Wallet - Government encourage citizen to be cashless transactions especially during this pandemic of coronavirus. All these cashless companies and banks always have a lot of promotions and you can take advantage on this to save extra bucks from your regular shopping. 102. Shopback - Most of the Malaysian now engaging purchase through online platform, however in order to save more money, a lot people don't know that Shopback actually do provide cashback whenever you purchase an item through certain platform like Lazada and Shopee. Use this link and get RM5.00 extra discount whenever you buy anything online and enjoy your cash back to your Shopback Wallet. 103. Starlight 4k UHD Multi-platform TV App - Tired of paying high price for Astro, Netflix or iflix? Join this new TV App and subscribe for only 10 Euro for the first month subscription and subsequent monthly subscription for only 5 Euro. You can then create your own referral link after you registered and refer to your friends and earn up to 85% commission. You can study and further understand more about this program at 2020 Best Refer and Earn Program, Starlight 4k UHD multi-platform TV App

104. Develop an App - If you are very good at programming skills, develop an useful app will get you a very good extra income and if continuous update will actually get you passive income.

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