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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Hi guys, its been a while we are active and we would like to tell you all about us.

CarAuto2u Malaysia created for car viewing interior and exterior as well as sharing all sorts of car news from viewing to buying and selling, new car to imported car. We are not doing reviews for technical stuff and car performance related issue. We also not giving any our personal opinions to review on any car.

The Reasons that why we do so is because :

1. Each and every single model of car designed have it pros and cons

2. Whether is pros or cons are also individual perception

3. No affect buyer to make decision on buying their dream car

4. No bias on each and every single model of car

Please subscribe to our channel to continue support our incoming new reviews and we will video every single model and spec of vehicle that available in Malaysia and even model that can't get in Malaysia.

Other than Vehicle Review, we are also expert at importing brand NEW EV that only available in oversea as well, for good example TESLA cars and cybertruck. Email us for further information at carauto2u@gmail.com

CarAuto2u Malaysia