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7 Factors to Choose A Right Car

What is the first thing come to your mind when you think about buying a car?

First Car Buyer

Normally after you graduated and get your first job, probably you'll start to consider to purchase a car for daily transport from home-work. (if you're not keen in using public transport - at the end of the day if you use public transport, the public transport isn't belong to you while if you loan for a car, the car belongs to you at the end of the agreement)

Graduate Scheme available from Bank Islam. Documents requirement will be IC, Driving License, Certificate and Job Offer Letter.


Once you have proper finance yourself (it could be job increment, or promotion in career), allocating your savings and expenses, you'll start to budgeting your income for monthly installment and choose the car according to your budget. For example if you have RM500 to spare for car installment, you'll look for a car within your budget for your purchase.

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Lesser Maintenance

When the car age above 5 years of age, usually the maintenance of the car start to increase in terms of cost and frequency. In addition the warranty of the car usually finish in 5 years of time. For car owner who does not like the hassle of spending money and time in servicing and maintaining the car, normally this is the time to change to a new model.

Increase in Family Members

Family members increase could be adding new baby, or children growing up. This is the time to plan to change from a smaller car to a bigger car. However, old car can be keep for working purpose or spare car in the house in case of breakdown or etc reason that you may have. In Malaysia we have wide range of car to choose from our list, you may check out our blogs or the Price Lists page for more car references.


Have you heard of safety first? How safe is your car built? Car safety can range from number of airbags, material of the car being built from, impact adsorption, autopilot, pre-crash radar or cameras and etc. If you can afford, to protect your loved one, safety of the car is always top priority. Tesla Model X for example is rated as the most safest SUV ever at this time.

Environment Factors

If you're living on a mountain area, you may consider to have a 4WD instead of a normal car, a higher cc car instead of a low one. Day to day usage up and down a mountain, the power of the vehicle is very important and of course the safety assist like hill start assist, proper break and suspension.

Career Factors

If you work as a salesperson, constantly you need to on the move, or probably long distance travelling. Things to consider like fuel tank capacity, boot size to carry your supplies, performance for highway travelling. However if you work in a development company, 4x4 pickup truck will be more suitable for you because constantly you need to drive off road.

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