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5 Reasons To Buy Car Online In Malaysia

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If you're living in Malaysia, especially in Klang Valley, there are a lots of showroom and a lots of sales advisor to assist you in getting your new car. If you're looking for the best service, best deal, efficient process, how and who do you find with all these showrooms around? Even if we did find a place and walk in, who is the right person to serve us? In this article, we show you that there are 5 reasons to buy your car online today and where as if you're in oversea today a lot of car brand actually sell their car through their very own official websites.

Compare Models Online

10-20 years ago, when internet wasn't the "IN" thing yet while all of us are still using "button" mobile phone, and the age that we only go online with our laptop or computers, if we are looking for cars, we have to go to showroom after showroom to see and compare model. But look at the technology today, many of us at least own a smartphone or a tablet for active online usage. We can just browse through our browser to find out all car details right in front your fingertip, brand, model, specification and everything are listed in the internet. This make you the first reason why you will buy your car online.

Checkout Car Price

Do you still drop by a showroom to collect and car price list and brochure? Or you would prefer to go to any car brand official website, click into their product brochure and price list and you'll get everything. If you do have any sales advisor contact, one whatsapp, "hi, do you mind send me abc price and brochure." and there you receive everything right in your smartphone.

Checkout Car Promotion

So, lessons learnt from previous paragraph, want to know how much your car discount is? Go to official websites or your sales advisor contact or showroom? You know where you need to get it from. By the way, people may question, hey CarAuto2u why can't we find out the discounts from mudah.my or carlist.my advertisements? The answer is you can but not recommended because most of the advertisements in these platforms the discounts are flawed mostly and mainly for their marketing strategies to lure customer to contact them for the first place. For example official discounts for Honda Civic is RM2,000 and the advertisement put RM6,000 and the gift amount up to RM10,000, do you guys actually believe it? If by selling a car could get so much commission and can give away to customer, probably most of the sales advisors today will be driving a Bentley.

Checkout Hire Purchase Eligibility

A lot of time through online you may come across some senior sales advisor and they can provide you a lot information about your loan eligibility and also details for loan application. How much salary able to get which model and how much the interest rates will be.

Convenient Purchasing Process

Do you still remember back in olden times that our parents age need to bring in all their loan documents, photocopy IC, photocopy Driving License, Payslip 3 months, EPF Statement and Bank Statement 3 months for the sales advisor and submit loan to the bank officer. How trouble is that process right? Nowadays if you wanted to submit a loan application, WhatsApp all your relevant documents to your sales advisor and they forward to the respective bank then everything will be in progress and wait for your loan approval as simple as ABC.

And finally yes right after loan approval, sign your agreement, first time arrive the showroom and collect your new car. That is the 5 Best Reasons to Buy Your Car Online today.

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