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2020 Best Refer and Earn Program, Starlight 4k UHD multi-platform TV App

Updated: May 20, 2020

Introducing you Starlight 4k UHD multi-platform TV App, a new way to watch movie, news, cartoons, drama and etc entertainment. Usually we are using either YouTube, DailyMotion, Astro (in Malaysia) and etc to watch their daily videos with a certain costs. Malaysian usually spend around RM100 a month for their TV subscription or IPTV just to watch their favourite shows. In 2020 now, Starlight introduced a new multi-platform TV App which consist of more than 2800+ Channels under the price of 10 Euro, wait what?! Yes 10.00 Euro a.k.a. less than MYR 50.00 for the first month subscription and 5 Euro a.k.a. less than MYR 25.00 just enjoy more than 2800+ channels, like really?!!!! Not just that, once you sign up for this program, not just you can watch your favourite show, you may also have an opportunity to earn extra money from this platform instead of spending only. How? Ok let me explain further below. Starlight 4k UHD multi-platform TV App allows you to earn commission at 85% from the subscription fees and as long as your customer still using this service every month, you still enjoy your commission every month. This mean that you'll have your first PASSIVE INCOME.

Calculation, yes the most important part. 10 Euro x 85% = 8.50 Euro = RM42.50 (For the first month subscription) 5 Euro x 85% = 4.25 Euro = RM21.25 (For the second month subscription) Withdrawal simply will wire into your bank account with 10% admin fees from your total withdrawal, which example below. 850 Euro - 10% = 765 Euro = RM3,825 (will be credited into your bank account) How to join Starlight 4k UHD multi-platform TV App? Simple just click the link here, fill up your details, country, full name, contact number, valid email address, login ID, password, transaction password and then click "Submit" button.

After you sign up, login the account and you will see your dashboard as below.

After login your account, just go to Account > Buy eWallet and fill up the details to reload your eWallet and then go to Account > Activate Account and fill up the details to activate your account. After all these you can download either of the software as shown below.

Go to StarLight App Download, choose either Starlight TV for Android, Macbook or Windows depending on what device that you are using. Start register today and start watching. And in order to earn extra money through this program, you guys can use your referral link from the pictures above at your dashboard column, send to whoever contact that you would like to refer this App and let them start enjoy the new TV App as well as their side income, if they are interested like you! Why wait, sign up today and make a different in your way of spending, instead of paying traditional satellite TV, why not take ownership of the App you can watch and earn extra money from it. Related Posts

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